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DLT registration is mandatory to protect customers from unsolicited commercial communication. We will help you to register & approve SENDER ID and SMS content for your organization. Check more info. Also, check our other services Bulk SMS / Bulk Whatsapp / Bulk Email

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What is DLT Registration?

The DLT platform is a blockchain-based registration system used to keep track of all network participants’ transactions. Its goal is to increase transparency while decreasing spam and fraud.

The DLT registration process gets implemented in stages.

The first step in the registration process is to create an account on the DLT platform and complete the registration process. As a result, Arasko encourages all businesses entities registered on the DLT platform for SMS marketing campaigns to run smoothly.

The registration of the Header ID is the second step. Every Headers IDS (Sender ID), Consent Template, and Content Template must be registered on the DLT platform. Every header is allocated a special header id, which is transferred across other DLT platforms. These are your telemarketer identification numbers.

The next step is to register the Content Template. The entity retains its license of it across all platforms. Each template is issued a unique Template ID, which is shared effortlessly between various Blockchain DLT SMS platforms. Every Content Template should include the ‘Brand Name’ or the entity id (s).

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Telecom Service Provider

If you are running a telecom service, then definitely you know why DLT Registration is important for your business or for any telecom services provider. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) has launched a rule that it is mandatory for every telecom service provider to do DLT Registration for their business.

How To Do DLT Registration For Your Business

Don’t worry; if you don’t know How to do DLT Registration for your business, then we are here to do it for you. We, Arasko, is the Best DLT Registration in Delhi Noida NCR India. So if you haven’t registered your business in DLT, then what are you waiting for? Contact us now and register your business for DLT today.

DLT Registration in India New Guidelines

DLT Registration in India is Mandatory as per the new TRAI Regulation. The most valuable customer is your valuable customer and uses our SMS service. We write this message to allow you to provide you with the business platform registration information. The Indian Communications Office (TRAI) has issued its continuous efforts to create a clean and transparent system in the Indian telecom section, which in July 2018 a new organization to reduce unwanted business communications (UCC) and privacy of mobile subscribers, TCCCPR 18 promotes and promoting commercial preferences 2018, this purpose list is to destroy a random post and fraud.

Why is DLT Registration in India So Necessary?

So, why is DLT registration in India important? The answer to this question is a little complicated. However, it will depend on what kind of company you have and where in India your operations take place as well as other factors like whether or not the business was incorporated before July 2017 when new rules went into effect regarding dual registration (i). There are three basic types: Domestic Limited Tax Credit Chamber Enterprise Company LLC Etc., which all come with different benefits based upon their purpose; however they can be registered at any time during the calendar year 2018 until March 31st, 2021 inclusive – so there’s still plenty left!.

What Do You Get After DLT Registration in India?

You will be able to view your new asset on an online dashboard. You’ll also receive regular updates about how much it’s costing you per month and if there are any changes in rates upcoming that would affect this cost; plus of course all other kinds of benefits like security arms, etc., so make sure not to miss out!

Why DLT Registration is Compulsory For Business

Well, DLT or say, Distributed Ledger Technology is a registration system that is based on Blockchain. In this, the Ledger will be made for every transaction by your company network participants. TRAI makes it compulsory for every business to have DLT Registration because, ultimately, it will secure the customer.

How It Is Beneficial?

The transactions of customers are secured and known if a business has Government DLT approval. That is why DLT Registration is mandatory as well as beneficial for your business too.