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Managing IT infrastructure efficiently is critical for enterprises. Today, enterprises are demanding a robust IT infrastructure setup that delivers high performance and eliminates avoidable expenditure. It also needs a secure, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure to support your business objectives and growth. The right technologies can propel your business forward, delivering agility, mobility, efficiency and security.

To keep the rapid pace in the market and ensure business growth, Enterprises need a support of next generation technologies. Be it moving to cloud-based applications, mobile-enabling the workforce, optimizing the IT infrastructure or securing the workplace, enterprises need the support of an expert technology partner to help them navigate the various complexities involved.

ARASKO can help you achieve the right infrastructure for your needs with our world-class infrastructure set up, networking and security solutions.

What we offer

  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Process
  • Cloud Services
  • Clustering
  • Virtualization
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Architecture Planning

Infrastructure Setup

Our infrastructure setup solutions ensure that you have the basic technological backbone which you can use to streamline business processes and fine tune your workflow so as to achieve the best results. We select every component of your IT infrastructure with utmost care and constant vigil on your overall requirements and needs.


With our networking solutions, we deploy high-performance, reliable and fast enterprise grade networks which you can use in a variety of different ways. Our solutions include LAN, WAN and wireless connectivity solutions, unified threat management and remote access solutions, structured cabling systems for voice and data communication, mail and web hosting, optimization of bandwidth and quality of service analysis.


Our security solutions enrich your security with door access control systems, time attendance and management modules, biometric scanning and face detection systems, emergency alarm systems and feature rich CCTV surveillance and video recording.

Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Process

With our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan offerings, you can secure your enterprise applications, customer and organizational data, as well as the non-IT assets – offices and facilities, key organizational members, ensure crisis communication and enable reputation management.

Cloud Services

We enable you to be digitally ready by providing cloud services (hybrid, public, private) software and platform ked services and always on infrastructure services that can improve your data center, middleware, network, server storage, managed SaaS, Paas, SaaS, desktop as service (DaaS), virtual desktop infrastructure setup (VDI), storage and mainframe.

Other Offerings

  • Clustering
  • Virtualization
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Architecture Planning